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Compact Modeling -Enabling Better Insight of Device Features-

Monday, September 8, 2014

Advanced device technologies take advantage of the carrier characteristics in an ultimate way. Consequently, observed phenomena of such advanced devices reveal these fundamental features of the underlying carrier dynamics.

As compact device modeling requires explicit extraction of the observed device features and properties in combination with a simple physics-based mathematical description, a particularly deep insight into the carrier dynamics of advanced devices becomes possible.

Such a precise compact modeling of observed phenomena including the understanding of the device carrier dynamics is the purpose of this workshop, which additionally aims at providing a complementation of TCAD for better understanding of the physics of advanced semiconductor devices.

Mitiko Miura-Mattausch (Hiroshima University, Japan)


  • Compact modeling for all kinds of devices
  • Device characterization as well as parameter extraction techniques
  • Circuit simulation techniques
  • Software related developments
Invited Speakers:
  • Junichi Takeya (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Physics of charge transport in organic field-effect transistors

  • Christoph Jungemann (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)

Validity of Macroscopic Noise Models in the Case of High-Frequency Bipolar Transistors

  • Neil Goldsman (University of Maryland, USA)

Key Issues in the Modeling of SiC Electronic Devices

  • Chenyue Ma (Hiroshima University, Japan)

Universal Model of the Negative Bias Temperature Instability (NBTI) Effect for Circuit Aging Simulation

  • Dietmar Warning (Creative Chips GmbH, Germany)

NGSPICE – an Open Platform for Modeling and Simulation

  • Art Schaldenbrand (Cadence Design Systems, Japan)

Benefits of Verilog-A for Behavioral Modeling and Compact Modeling

  • Peter Lee (Micron Memory Japan, Inc.)
Compact Model Coalition: World-Wide Model Standardization for an Expanding Industry


The Workshop program is available here.


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