Invited Speakers

  • Mario Ancona (Naval Research Laboratory)
Nonlinear thermoelectroelastic simulation of III-N devices
  • Asen Asenov (University of Glasgow)
Progress in the simulation of time dependent statistical variability in nano CMOS transistors
  • Jean-Pierre Colinge (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company)
Nanowire transistors: pushing Moore's law to the limit
  • Tibor Grasser (Vienna University of Technology)
Advanced modeling of charge trapping: RTN, 1/f noise, SILC, and BTI
  • Kohji Mitsubayashi (Tokyo Medical and Dental University)
Novel biosensing devices for medical applications
  • Christian Sandow (Infineon Technologies)
Exploring the limits of the safe operation area of power semiconductor devices
  • Mark Stettler (Intel Corporation)
Device and process modeling: 20 years at Intel's other fab