Official Hotel

Official hotel of SISPAD2008 is Yumoto Fujiya hotel. SISPAD2008 has blocked Yumoto Fujiya hotel for the period of September 8–September 11 (4 nights). A special discount rate is being offered to the conference participants who will make reservations. Please fill the reservation request form, and send it by e-mail as an attached file to

46 twin bedded rooms with rate 19,000yen and 20 family rooms (twin bedded room + Japanese style room) with rate 30,000yen excluding bath tax (150yen/person). These special rates will not be applied to the participants making reservations directly through the hotel web site. Reservations should be made by no later than July 31, 2008. Early application is recommended. The rates listed above are per room, per night and include a 10% service charge, consumption tax and handling charge without meal.Any inquiries are to be addressed to Yumoto Fujiya Hotel via e-mail ().

Other Hotels (English available, No SISPAD discount)

Hotel name (in Japanese) access to venue room type
web-site room charge
①THE PRINCE HAKONE 30 min. by taxi twin 19,000yen~
②Hotel de YAMA 30 min. by taxi twin 23,000yen~
③Hakone Kowakien Yunessum 20 min. by taxi twin 20,000yen~
④Palace Hotel Hakone 40 min. by taxi. twin 20,000yen~
⑤FUJIYA HOTEL 15 min. by taxi twin 22,000yen~
⑥Hotel Daihakone 40 min. by taxi twin 20,000yen~

Other Hotels (English unavailable, No SISPAD discount)

There are several hotels in Odawara City (15~20 min by train from venue). Please find by yourself.