Scope and Topics

This conference provides an opportunity for the presentation and discussion of the latest advances in modeling and simulation of semiconductor devices, processes, and equipment for integrated circuits.


  • Modeling and simulation of all sorts of semiconductor devices, including FinFETs, GAA FETs, ultra-thin SOI devices, emerging memory devices, new-material-based nanodevices, optoelectronic devices, TFTs, sensors, power electronic devices, spintronic devices, tunnel FETs, SETs, organic electronic devices, and bioelectronic devices
  • Modeling and simulation of all sorts of semiconductor processes, including first-principles material design and growth simulation of nano-scale fabrication

  • Fundamental aspects of device modeling and simulation, including quantum transport, thermal transport, fluctuation, noise, and reliability
  • Compact modeling for circuit simulation, including low-power, high frequency, and power electronics applications

  • Process/device/circuit co-simulation in context with system design and verification

  • Equipment, topography, lithography modeling
  • Interconnect modeling, including noise and parasitic effects

  • Numerical methods and algorithms, including grid generation, user-interface, and visualization

  • Metrology for the modeling of semiconductor devices and processes