Invited talks

Plenary Speakers

gQuasi-Ballistic Transport in Nanowire Field-Effect Transistorsh
G. Baccarani (Univ. Bologna, Itary)

gProgress in Biosensor and Bioelectronics Simulations: New Applications for TCADh
Robert W. Dutton (
Stanford Univ., USA)

gUnderstanding and Engineering of Carrier Transport in Advanced MOS Channelsh
Shin-ichi Takagi (
Tokyo Univ., Japan)

Invited Speakers

g2D/3D NEGF Modeling of the Impact of Random Dopants/Dopant Aggregation in Silicon Nano-Transistorsh
J. Barker (Univ. Glasgow, UK)

gWigner Monte Carlo Approach to Quantum Transport in Nanodevicesh
P. Dollfus (Univ. Paris-Sud, France)

gBand-engineering of Novel Channel Materials for High Performance Nanoscale MOSFETsh
T. Krishnamohan (Intel Corp. and Stanford Univ., USA)

gComputational Electronics in the 21st Century: Challenges, Opportunities, Issuesh
M. Lundstrom (
Purdue Univ., USA)

gA Unified Approach for the Reliability Modeling of MOSFETsh
Y. J. Park (Seoul National Univ., Korea)