The conference is held at Hotel Hankyu Expo Park, Osaka, Japan.

The hotel is in the Expof70 Commemorative Park, which was built on the site of the 1970 Japan World Exposition. In the park, there are a part of facilities of Expof70, such as the Japanese Garden and the Japan Folk Crafts Museum, Osaka. It is also near the Osaka University campus.
The Expo Park is located approximately 50 km northeast of Kansai International Airport and 10 km east of Osaka International Airport. For details on transportation from the airport to the conference venue, please see Travel Information page.

From the conference spot, you can easily access (about 6 min by monorail) to the commercial district around Senri-chuo Station, where there are many shops, restaurants, and bars. From Senri-chuo to downtown Osaka, it takes about 30 min by subway. For detailed information about Osaka City, please visit, e.g.