Invited talks

Plenary Speakers

gFirst-principles study of Si CMOS materials and nanostructuresh
K.-J. Chang (KAIST, Korea)

gTCAD challenges and some Fraunhofer solutionsh
J. Lorenz (Fraunhofer IISB, Germany)

gCritical Analysis of 14nm Device Optionsh
P. Oldiges (IBM Corp, USA)

Invited Speakers

gDensity Functional Theory Based Simulation of Carrier Transport in Silicon Carbide and Silicon Carbide-Silicon Dioxide Interfacesh
A. Akturk (Univ. Maryland, USA)

gThe Non-Equilibrium Green Function approach as a TCAD tool for future CMOS technologyh
A. Martinez (Univ. Swansea, UK)

gA Spice-based multi-physics simulation technique for integrated MEMSh
H. Toshiyoshi (Univ. Tokyo, Japan)